Manuscript Submission

ISSN: 2091-153X (on-line)

ISSN: 2091-1521 (Print)

Authors should submit a printed copy and or digital copy of their manuscript to IJORN. Electronic submissions through emails are highly encouraged.

All submissions and related correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor-in-Chief or the Managing Director or the Associate Editor
International Journal of Operational Research Nepal (IJORN)
Address: 386 / 15 Prayag Marg, New Baneswor, Kathmandu-34

The submissions and related correspondence can be addressed via the emails.

Professor Dr. Shankar Prasad Khanal

Professor Dr. Sunity Shrestha Hada
Managing Director

Dr. Shree Ram Khadka
Associate Editor

This is peer-reviewed open-excess journal free of any charge for authors and readers. At the end of the blind review process, the editor informs the author about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript. On acceptance the author is expected to incorporate the modifications suggested by the reviewers if any and submit a soft and hard copy of the final revised manuscript.